Enchanted in Arcady
The Enchanted Forest Comes to Orleans House
Four photographic prints, 2006

Enchanted in Arcady Pair 1Enchanted in Arcady Pair 2Enchanted in Arcady Pair 3Enchanted in Arcady pair 4

“Into the Enchanted Forest” was installed in the Octagon Room, the only surviving part of the original Orleans House at Twickenham near London, so called in memory of Louis Philippe, Duc d’Orleans and King of France from 1830 to 1848. The duke stayed in the house between 1815 and 1817 during his exile from France. The Times wrote of his stay, “When the Duke of Orleans resided at Twickenham he held on stated days a small court at which several of the French who lived in the neighbourhood attended in full dress.”

Access to the Octagon Room was granted for one day only, in order to photograph the “Enchanted Forest” installation in this very appropriate setting. The eight life-sized panels of “Into the Enchanted Forest” were set up in a circle in the centre of the eight-sided room. The juxtaposition of room and art work added richness to both, the grey-green walls and gilded cornices of the room echoing the colours of the prints and their golden frames. Through the room’s tall windows, the green of the trees outside intensified the green of the photographic images of the trees of Richmond Park, the Enchanted Forest of the title. The maiden of the forest was echoed in her majesty by a real Queen, Caroline, whose portrait hangs in the Octagon Room.

The prints resulting from the shoot were exhibited in the first part of the “In Arcadia” exhibition also at Orleans House, summer 2006.

Photography and digital manipulation: Michael Cheetham
Printing: Michael Dyer Associates
Transport and set up: OTT (London) Ltd.

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